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HVT 2.0

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HVT 2.0
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Product Information Overview


Proven Therapy. Simply Delivered.

Mask-Free NIV with Vapotherm HVT 2.0 lets you improve your experience as well as your patients’– realize ease of care anytime and anywhere within your hospital.

Designed to streamline clinical workflows.

Vapotherm HVT 2.0 uses our revolutionary high velocity therapy and is ready for use in approximately 5 minutes. It requires minimal patient coaching, and staff intervention. A large, intuitive touchscreen gives you clinically relevant information from a distance, which helps you make informed decisions quickly, and with confidence. A disposable patient circuit supports infection control and enables quick disinfection. On-screen troubleshooting support, and comprehensive alarms that facilitate patient safety and ease of care.

Ambulating ICU Patients to Help Reduce Length of Stay

Some patients require an ICU stay. Even in those cases, the HVT 2.0 could help. The medical community widely recognizes that early mobility in the ICU can lead to better patient outcomes. Vapotherm HVT 2.0 was designed for streamlined mobility while high velocity therapy has been shown to improve inpatient ambulation. [4]

Helping Avoid ICU Admissions and Reduce Cost of Care

The revolutionary high velocity therapy delivered by the HVT 2.0 could help reduce hospital costs of care by avoiding ICU admissions. While all hospitals are different and complex, the patients treated with Mask-Free NIV in a large, randomized trial spent less time in the ICU than patients treated with NiPPV. [1,2,3] Those Mask-Free NIV patients spent more time on the Medical Floor and in Step-Down units. [1,2,3]

Seamless mobility and ventilatory support for your patients. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our solution is powered by AC with an internal battery to add safety in the event of a power failure, an optional transfer battery for additional power needs, and has an internal blower that eliminates the need for air tanks during patient transfer.

Mounted on our ergonomically designed roll stand and engineered to hold two O2 cylinders it allows you to safely maintain therapy, when and where you need it throughout the hospital – untethered from the wall with optimal mobility.

Disposable Patient Circuit (DPC)

Cleared For 30-day Continuous Single Patient Use

Our team is standing by to teach, guide, and help you get the most out of the HVT 2.0 system