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Total Care Egypt is a rapidly evolving and growing company. Introducing innovative solutions within all business lines to match market needs. 
Total Care Egypt has clear business models that focus purely on adding value services for market stakeholders. (Healthcare Providers and Receivers).
Our Purpose is serving people to improve their health and reach with them the best quality of life they could ever have.
Our Strategy is spreading information through Awareness Campaigns and Continuous Medical Education.


At Total Care, we aim to be one of the leading healthcare providers in the Middle East and Africa in terms of serving society and healthcare systems. By supporting patients and health care providers with the most technologically advanced solutions. To help them in various disease areas to live and chime with their suffering with the best quality of life that they could ever have. And continue playing our essential and influential role towards society through our corporate social responsibilities.


Through our valued professionals and dedicated success partners, TC employees, we are ensuring integrity by inspirational performance, full of quality and agility in all care delivery processes. Starting from providing the latest and most efficient products, after sales services and technical support, continuous medical education (to and through) health care professionals and by spreading product knowledge and disease awareness in the health systems and community in Egypt.

The leadership board

The people that made it happen
Danyl Coates

President and Chief Executive Officer

Axel Mills

Chief Financial Officer

Anika Gates


Total Care through the years


Pioneering the healthcare idustry


Founded by an Expert in Home Healthcare market supported by investors


Starting operations in Cairo, Alex focusing on Homecare services


Expanding Operations in Upper Egypt, Delta.


Expanding Services in Hospital, ICUs, Ventilation, High-Velocity Therapy Market


Providing a Breakthrough treatment option for COVID-19 Patients and Partnership with UPA, Egyptian Universities and all Key Hospitals.


Launching HiVNI in the NICU and PICU market.


launching STERNMED, the German brand in Egypt.

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